I’m engaged!

After leaving Burma due to the military coup of 1 February 2021, I found my way back to Thailand where I suddenly met the love of my life, Ngaipi. I went back to the States shortly after meeting her. We started talking more and more online and decided to clandestinely pursue a relationship. When I finally got back to Thailand, we met in person twice more before breaking the news publicly that we were in a relationship.

Because public relationship announcements are pretty serious in Ngaipi’s culture (and serious for me, too, as a devout Christian), we knew that engagement would be the next appropriate step. We got engaged in a medium-sized ceremony in Mae Sot on 21 December 2021. (21/12/21, since Burmese Buddhists are often interested in how dates appear mathematically.) The ceremony was presided over by Pastor Shine Lin (ဆရာရှိုင်းလင်း) and my guests who graciously traveled six hours from Chiang Mai to celebrate with us were Prof. Dr. Tony Waters and Mrs. Dagmar Waters, Mr. Jacob Watson and Mrs. Ngun Tin Par “Tin Tin” Watson.

Please pray for Ngaipi and I to put Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ above all else and that we seek His will first in our relationship and future marriage. We will begin pre-marital counselling this Saturday (Friday evening, EST).

Allow me to post both my hi-res pre-engagement (in lieu of pre-wedding) photos and my hi-res engagement photos here. All photos copyright Tyler D. Davis and Lun Ngai Hatzaw.

First, the pre-engagement photos:

Next, the ceremony photos:

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