Well, it’s about time.

After several weeks of isolation and forced staying at home, I’ve finally got something done. Following my techno-guru Luke Smith, I decided it would be best for me to learn how to run a website by simply buckling down and getting a Virtual Private Server (VPS) through a company called DigitalOcean. It was a rough and rocky start, but I’m happy with the way things are turning out. The process of running the server is getting easier and easier with each task I set out to do. The best part is that I’m actually learning something!

Now, why the individual website and the blog? Aren’t blogs a dying medium?

Some Skeptic Reading This

Indeed, blogs are a dying medium, but I want to force myself to write more. One person set a goal of writing 2,500 words a day. I think that’s a bit too much for me to start out with, but I want to work myself up to that point again. I’ve allowed myself to get far too lazy and far too uncreative.

The individual website has to do more with control and security. I know that I totally control what I put on here. Why? Because I control not only the website, but the server space it is hosted on. If there is a problem with the website or the software, it is my fault alone. That’s okay with me. I am willing to take a little personal responsibility to get what I set to achieve.

Family and friends, please, for the sake of the good ‘ole times on the internet Bookmark (Ctrl + D) this page and check it often. I want to be held accountable for writing here. I want to let you all know what is going on with my life.

Thank you.


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