I wrote this post minimally

You know, I’ve liked the idea of minimalism and minimalist blogs. I’d even contemplated using Luke Smith’s lb blogs package before to write a blog. But, really, the “bloatiness” of WordPress works for me. I’m using another blog package bashblog to write this and it seems pretty painless. However, I want to talk about the main reason why I can’t use minimal blog writers for my posts.

I like Unicode

Look. I write a lot in Burmese and I may even write some Burmese on my blog at some point in time. Currently, no terminal emulator that I have has good enough support for advanced input modules like Keyman for inputting IPA or Burmese characters into the terminal. So, as easy and painless as it is to write Latin-based scripts in the terminal, it’s not so painless when it comes to advanced Unicode scripts with fancy stacking orders and all of that.

I’m not always so techy

There are times where I need to just take my mouse, point it at something, and click it. I can’t always devote tons of time to learning a new skill, even if others claim it is easy to do. I need predictability and that may be a “normie” trait, but it’s the sad truth of my existence.

A little bloat never hurt anyone

I find it interesting that in an era where processors and RAM have exponentially improved in ability, people are suddenly interested in minimalism. I remember the time of Windows XP where faux 3D graphics were all the rage. Now, everything is flat and boring, because “iT sAvEs On PrOcEsSiNg PoWeR.” I say, if your machine can handle the bloat, give it bloat if you like it and it makes you comfortable. Just don’t unnecessarily fill it with bloat.

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