My ICSTLL Presentation

My ICSTLL presentation on Ngawn Chin‘s linguistic classification went very well. It was attended by some popular names in Kuki-Chin and Tibeto-Burman linguistics, such as Jim Matisoff, David Bradley, Lalnunthangi Chhangte, Zakaria Rehman, David Peterson, Pauthang Haokip, and Ken Van Bik (whose dissertation provided the proto-forms with which I made the Ngawn comparisons.)

While University of North Texas said that videos of each presentation would be posted after the event was over, as of this posting, there is nothing online yet. So, I took it upon myself, before I even presented, to record myself giving the paper and to upload it to YouTube. The video can be viewed here:

Link if viewer not visible:

My SLIDES and my ABSTRACT are also downloadable in PDF format from my site. It was a wonderful experience, overall, and I hope that I will get the opportunity to build upon my work soon.

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